Budget Worksheet:
2014 Falcon Budget Worksheet

Diesel Cold Weather Starting Information:
Cold Weather Starting Tips

Equipment Technical Data Sheets:
Trailer Model
2-Ton – 4-Ton Dump Box Model
6-Ton Dump Box Model
Slip-in Model
Falcon MINI Model
Propane ModelDump Box Model

Rejuvenator Spray System

Contract Purchasing Solutions:
NJPA – Competitively Bid National Contract

Operations, Parts and Service Manuals:
Propane Operations, Parts and Service Manual
Diesel Operations, Parts and Service Manual

Trailer Plug Diagrams:
7-Pin Flat RV Trailer Plug
7-Pin Round Trailer Plug
6-Pin Round Trailer Plug

Beckett Diesel Burner Manuals:
Beckett Diesel Burner Manual – English

Beckett Diesel Burner Manual – French
Beckett Genesys Primary Controller Manual

Battery Charger:
Battery Charger Manual

Digital Temperature Controller:
Programming Temperature Controller

Temperature Controller Settings

Surge Brake Actuator:
Demco DA20 Surge Brake Actuator

Patented Seamless Diesel Combustion Chamber:
One-Piece, Seamless Ceramic Combustion Chamber

Service Parts:
Call DeLynn at (989) 495-9332 ext. 2 for service parts photo gallery

Material Safety Data Sheets:
Asphalt Rejuvenating Liquid (CRF)
Environmentally Friendly Asphalt Release Agent (SoySolv)
Burner Box Insulation

Government Contracting/Minority Business Information:
Government Contracting
Minority Business Information