Hook Lift Asphalt Recycler & Pre-Mix Heater Demonstration


2 Ton – 8 Ton Hook Lift Model Asphalt Recycler & Pre-Mix Heater

“Versatile Asphalt Maintenance Equipment – An Asphalt Recycler and an Asphalt Pre-Mix Heater in one!”

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The Falcon hook lift model asphalt recycler & pre-mix heater hopper holding capacity ranges from 2-tons to 10-tons.

A hooklift system is designed to enable one truck to carry out different types of work. Falcon’s hooklift model is designed to work with all hook-lift systems. Models are available in a broad range of capacities.
All units have three parallel walls (inner, middle and outer). The walls have one piece, seamless steel construction to prevent moisture from wicking into the insulation. When moisture is able to wick into the insulation the insulation sags and the steel rusts. The tops of all three steel layers of the front and rear hopper walls are angled to create a 2″ slope. This 2″ slope allows water to drain off the top of the material loading doors. The complete area between middle and outer walls is filled with insulation. The top of hopper walls are secured to one another with 12-gauge steel capping channel and the side hopper walls are secured to one another with 12-gauge steel corner molding. Capping channel and corner molding add structural strength to the hopper preventing it from becoming out of square over time. Sheet-metal to sheet-metal construction where hopper wall corners are butt-welded together without capping channel or corner molding lack the structural integrity required to maintain a square hopper.


The Falcon hook lift asphalt recycler & hot patch heater hopper floor is constructed of a one-piece steel plate. The portion of the hopper floor located beyond the rear hopper wall creates a worktable that is heated by the burner box located directly under the hopper floor. A heated worktable prevents asphalt from hardening while the operator makes repairs. When the material door is opened, asphalt flows onto the heated worktable rather than falling on the ground thus reducing material waste.

A Falcon hook lift asphalt recycler & hot patch heater has horizontal and vertical, diamond-shaped, 10-gauge steel heat ducts that are welded from the front hopper wall to the back hopper wall and from one side of the hopper to the other side. The diamond shaped design prevents asphalt build-up on heat ducts. Heat ducts are continuously welded to ensure the structural integrity of the hopper. The Falcon hook lift asphalt recycler & hot patch heater has a single, large, fully insulated, guillotine-style door. A lever on the curbside spool valve controls movement of material door via a hydraulic cylinder. A detachable and fully adjustable shoveling apron attaches to the rear of the unit.


Hydraulic bi-fold top loading doors are a popular asphalt reclaimer & hot mix warmer option. Steel loading doors are framed on square tubing with angle iron reinforced cross members. The area inside the loading doors is completely filled with insulation. Doors are hinged to the hopper corners with bolt-on, greasable pillow block bearings. A lever on curbside spool valve controls movement of material door.

Another popular option on the hook lift asphalt reclaimer & hot mix warmer is an LED arrow board mounted on either the front or rear hopper wall to provide visibility to oncoming traffic from the rear.

The Falcon hooklift slide-in model is ideal for pot hole repair, pot hole patching, replacing utility cuts and making larger asphalt repairs. And, like every Falcon asphalt reclaimer & heated asphalt trailer, the hooklift slide-in model has a combustion efficiency rating of over 90%. A combustion efficiency rating this high provides significantly lower fuel usage, lower carbon and NOX emissions and less sooty waste by-product responsible for dirty cad cell condition — lowering costs and helping the environment.