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The Top 5 Reasons to Choose FalconNOW

It can be said that Falcon Asphalt Repair Equipment’s FalconNOW five-day quick ship program is revolutionizing the industry. When most products are shipped anywhere from 45 to 60 days, FalconNOW provides customers with a customized product in just five days. What are some of the other benefits of this program? Here are the top five reasons contractors should select FalconNOW.

1. Industry-Leading Speed
As mentioned earlier, the hot box industry typically has a 45- to 60-day delivery period unless customers order a stock machine that’s specifications couldn’t be changed. With FalconNOW, customers can expect a machine delivered in just five days from order date. That fast turnaround gets contractors on the ground running with a machine that’s ready to work.

2. Full Customization
With FalconNOW, customers are able to customize a machine to fit both their wants and needs. The program offers six models to choose from: a 6-ton recycler, 4-ton recycler, 4-ton transporter, 2-ton slip in, 1-ton mini asphalt recycler and hot box, and the most recent addition to the lineup, a 2-ton transporter.
From there, customers can choose between 18 customizable options including a 30-gallon heated tack tank, a hoist with manual or 12-volt electric winch, a spray system hose reel and more. That means customers can fix potholes, repair utility cuts and patch asphalt quickly and easily with specifications that meet their needs.

3. Dealer Support
Falcon prides itself on taking care of the customer. That service and responsibility doesn’t stop once the machine is delivered. FalconNOW offers excellent dealer support, with a service follow-up to make sure that the machine was delivered correctly and meets expectations.

4. Top-of-the-Line Versatility
Falcon machines are notoriously versatile. Not only can they transport cold or hot mix, but they’re also able to hold hot mix overnight – and keep it hot all day. They can heat and re-heat cold patches. And another feature? They can recycle leftover asphalt, chunks and millings.

5. Warranties
When buying a new machine, it’s important for customers to have peace-of-mind that their purchase will last. The FalconNOW program guarantees that with a standard two-year warranty on all their machines. Falcon’s patented heat management system is engineered to provide even hopper temperatures, which prevents material scorching from hot spots and material hardening from cold spots. Also, each Falcon machine comes standard with a lifetime frame warranty.

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