2 Ton – 4 Ton Trailer Model Asphalt Recycler & Hauler

“Versatile Asphalt Maintenance Equipment – An Asphalt Recycler and an Asphalt Hauler in one!”

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The Falcon trailer model asphalt reclaimer & transporter holding capacity ranges from 2 tons to 4 tons.

The “low profile” design to allow the driver to view traffic behind the unit while towing the trailer. This low profile design also minimizes the distance the operator must reach to open the loading doors.

The hopper walls are constructed of one piece, seamless steel construction to prevent moisture from wicking into the insulation. Moisture in the hopper walls will cause the insulation to sag and the steel to rust.

The hopper floor extends from the base of the front hopper wall to 20″ beyond the rear hopper wall. The portion of the hopper floor located beyond the rear hopper wall creates a worktable that is heated by the burner box. When the material door is opened, asphalt flows onto the heated worktable rather than falling on the ground thus reducing material waste.  This heated worktable acts as an asphalt warmer when asphalt is exposed to the elements.

The rear hopper wall includes a single, fully insulated, guillotine-style material unloading door that allows easy shovel access to the entire hopper floor. The door is equipped with replaceable CAM follower bearings to allow easy opening and closing — even when the hopper is full of asphalt.

The material metering door handle is located along the curbside of the hopper. Placing door handle on curbside allows the street crew to operate door while standing out of traffic.

The Falcon asphalt reclaimer & cold patch trailer complies with all state and federal DOT / FMCSA requirements. Falcon offers both electric and surge brake systems. The trailer is equipped with a pintle eye hitch that is adjustable in height from 18” to 32”. The trailer is constructed of structural rectangular tubing with three cross members and a center support beam — all welds on frame are continuous. The Falcon asphalt reclaimer & cold patch trailer is built with gussets that are continuously welded to the top and bottom of the frame at the two front bends and the front where the side rails connect to the hitch post. The trailer has a non-slip hopper access platform, constructed of diamond tread plate steel that is welded to the front of the hopper frame. This plate provides safe access to the hopper.


All trailer lighting is FMCSA compliant and all wiring is THHN, stranded, copper, and color-coded. Wiring connections are soldered, sealed in shrink-wrap, covered with high temperature corrugated loom and protected by steel conduit. All wiring and enclosures are NEMA-3 rated. All wiring is external to the hopper walls.

The Falcon diesel asphalt reclaimer & cold patch trailer burner box combustion chamber yields a combustion efficiency rating of over 90%. A high combustion efficiency rating provides:

  • lower fuel usage
  • lower carbon and NOX emission
  • less sooty waste by-product responsible for dirty cad cell condition

The combustion chamber is constructed of a one-piece, seamless, vacuum formed ceramic fiber that is rated for temperatures in excess of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The one-piece, seamless design extends from the diesel burner flange, through the burner box front wall and into the burner box three inches.

Combustion chambers fabricated by seaming together multiple-pieces of insulation with caulk are not designed to withstand the heat required to recycle asphalt. Over time, heat will break down the caulk causing the combustion chamber to fail at the seams. In addition, an excessive amount of heat is conducted through the caulked seams to the lower portion of the front hopper wall causing the front wall to burnout.