1. Falcon Asphalt Hot Boxes and Cold Temperatures

    Falcon Asphalt Hot Boxes and Cold Temperatures are a Great Match

    It happens every year, cold weather comes and the asphalt plants shut down.  Does that mean only cold mix is available for pothole repairs?  No, it doesn’t have to be with a Falcon hot box.  You can recycle that old asphalt and create your own hot mix any time you need it…and you will save money!

    So when you need to do pothole repairs during the cold winter months, you load up your truck only to get half way through your repairs before your remaining asphalt mix becomes hard and unusable.  Instead of wasting the mix (and your money) by returning it to the plant, there is a better way for both your pothole repair operation and your budget’s bottom line.

    With a Falcon hot box, you can keep your mix hot all day so that all of the needed repairs can get done.  And if you have some asphalt leftover you don’t have to waste it, recycle it later when it’s needed.  Simply put old asphalt cookies into our hot box, heat it back up overnight through our recycling process, and the next morning you will have a hot mix ready to go.

    Prepare for the winter months now by stockpiling needed amounts of asphalt at hot mix prices.  Then reclaim/recycle those stored cookies/chunks of asphalt in your Falcon hot box when needed.

    This is a big benefit to your budget.  At a $50 difference in price per ton for cold mix versus hot mix, you could save (or invest in another Falcon hot box), $5,000 for every 100 tons of asphalt.  Think of the additional road repairs that could be made with that additional equipment, and by using hot mix your repairs will last longer!

    A few specs about our machines that make us the best in the industry:

    1. Two-year machine warranty, lifetime frame warranty
    2. One-piece, seamless ceramic combustion chamber (diesel) at 92% efficiency
    3. Hopper is fully insulated with the floor and all 4 walls heated
    4. Patented VIP technology (Voltage Indicator and Protector)