Falcon Asphalt Hot Boxes Come with Safety & Health in Mind

Falcon Asphalt Hot Boxes Come with Safety & Health in Mind
A simple definition of safety is the condition of being protected from danger, risk, or injury. Our equipment is designed with just that thought in mind. Users of our machines shouldn’t have to worry about getting injured, and be able to focus on doing the very best pothole or patch repair possible. So what do we put into the design of our machines to make this happen

The rear unloading door handle is located on the curbside. This allows the operator to stand out of traffic when using the door. It also keeps the operator away from hot asphalt when the dump box is raised.

The shovel apron is ergonomically designed to be at the proper height for the operator. There is no bending unreasonably or trying to lift asphalt out of a hopper that is too high, meaning less stress and wear & tear on the operator.

Our dump box models come with two hydraulic cylinders that raise the hopper. Each cylinder acts as a safety backup for the other and the dual design prevents the hopper from twisting if the load is uneven.

Storage of and for various tools are placed curbside for easy and safe access. This includes such items as the tack tank and spray system, a basket for mounting a compactor, a toolbox and tool holders, and even the drinking water cooler. Our patented Voltage Indicator and Protector (VIP) technology and timers are located curbside rear.

Every dump box and trailer offers a variety of lighting options to keep operators safe during transport and repair operations. Arrow boards, backup lights, LED lighting, night work lights and warning lights are all available.

Keeping the operator curbside is a priority. The “control box” is placed for easy, safe access; as well as the top door can be opened curbside.

So not only are Falcon machines the best when it comes to pavement preservation but they are the best in safety design. This is the pride that our designers and engineers put into every Falcon machine.

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