Asphalt Recycling

Asphalt Recycling Demonstration

Asphalt Recycling


Our patented technology uses indirect, radiant heat to break down leftover asphalt, chunks and millings.

Hardened asphalt is mixed with rejuvenator by coating it during the hopper loading process.  It is then heated overnight at the lowest possible temperature to retain the original oil content and to give the rejuvenator time to absorb into the asphalt.


Protecting original oils is the key to returning asphalt to its original state.

Earlier recycling methods shot a direct open flame onto hardened asphalt. This method burns off the original oils making the asphalt dry. Black oily smoke produced by these older recycling methods is evidence of oil loss.

By using indirect, radiant heat, Falcon solved the problem of oil loss caused by recycling with a direct open flame.

Why Should You Recycle?

  • Don’t waste leftover asphalt, chunks and millings — recycle them.
  • Make permanent hot mix repairs year-round — eliminate temporary cold patch repairs.
  • Save time traveling to the asphalt plant and waiting in line.
  • Have on-site access to affordable hot mix asphalt year-round.

Why Should You Recycle?


We protect the original oils

  • Protecting the original oils is the key to returning asphalt to its original state.
  • Falcon protects the original oils by using indirect, radiant heat to break down the hardened asphalt at the lowest possible temperature.

We use heat very effectively

  • Combustion chamber shape and construction yields 92% fuel efficiency to make recycling affordable.
  • High-density insulation retains hopper heat required to break down asphalt.
  • Upper burner and cross ducts distribute heat through the center of the hopper.

We build equipment that takes “the heat and the hit”

  • Heat management system components are built to withstand temperatures required for recycling asphalt.
  • Hopper is built to withstand drops of large chunks of hardened asphalt from a front loader.

Why Recycle Overnight?

  • Protect the original oils — Time is available to slowly heat the hardened asphalt at the lowest possible temperature.
  • Save time and money — Asphalt is ready at the beginning of the work shift leaving the entire day for making repairs.
  • It’s simple — Hardened asphalt is mixed with rejuvenator by coating it during the hopper loading process.

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The MiDEAL Advantage

The MiDEAL Extended Purchasing Program provides opportunities for members to leverage the contracts established by the State of Michigan. The program is open to Michigan cities, townships, villages, counties, school districts, universities, community colleges and non
-profit hospitals.  Falcon is proud to be an approved contract vendor (#071B7700092)  Click HERE to view our current contract.


We offer 4-Ton & 2-Ton machines for purchase, with rental options available.


Benefits to members:

·        Best Value Purchasing Process
The State evaluates a vendor's experience, qualifications, service and delivery – ensuring a fair price and high-quality contract. 

·        Time and Money Savings
Members save on the duplication of administrative costs and the time needed to find the right contractor.  

·        Extensive Portfolio 
Members have access to approximately 400 competitively bid State contracts.  

·        Support for Michigan Businesses
Michigan businesses hold the majority of the State's contracts. 

·        All Departments Benefit
Staff in all departments of an organization may participate in the program once the membership is activated. 

·        Direct Vendor Contact
Members work directly with the vendor to secure the goods and services. 


Please call Falcon for more information and additional option pricing.


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