VIP Technology - Prevent Burner Damage From Low Battery Voltage

Falcon’s newest invention, Voltage Indicator and Protector (VIP), automatically prevents the burner from operating below the burner manufacturer’s required voltage (patent pending).


Why is Low Battery Voltage a Problem?

Running a 12-volt diesel burner below the required battery voltage results in no-starts, dirty CAD cells, increased fuel consumption and burner component damage.  No-starts can lead to a build up of fuel in the combustion chamber.  This build up can eventually ignite and melt components.

As voltage drops on the battery, amp draw increases.  Increased amp draw puts a strain on the temperature controller and burner’s electrical components, which can cause them to fail prematurely.

Green Light Means GO – – – It’s That Simple

A green indicator light (located inside the electrical enclosure) tells the operator if the battery is sufficiently charged.


  • If the Green light is ON the battery is charged and the burner(s) will start.
  • If the Green light is OFF the battery is not charged and the burner(s) will not start.

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