Falcon vip technology logoFalcon’s newest invention, Voltage Indicator and Protector (VIP), automatically prevents the burner from operating below the burner manufacturer’s required voltage (patent pending).


Why is Low Battery Voltage a Problem?

Running a 12-volt diesel burner below the required battery voltage results in no-starts, dirty CAD cells, increased fuel consumption and burner component damage.  No-starts can lead to a build up of fuel in the combustion chamber.  This build up can eventually ignite and melt components.

As voltage drops on the battery, amp draw increases.  Increased amp draw puts a strain on the temperature controller and burner’s electrical components, which can cause them to fail prematurely.

Green Light Means GO – – – It’s That Simple


A green indicator light (located inside the electrical enclosure) tells the operator if the battery is sufficiently charged.

  • If the Green light is ON the battery is charged and the burner(s) will start.
  • If the Green light is OFF the battery is not charged and the burner(s) will not start.