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“Versatile Asphalt Maintenance Equipment – An Asphalt Recycler and an Asphalt Hot Box in one!!”

Falcon Asphalt Repair Equipment (aka Falcon Road Maintenance Equipment) manufactures portable, affordable asphalt recyclers for routine pavement repairs —– point repairs, utility cuts, patches, potholes. Falcon’s pothole patchers are used for repairing pavement with recycled asphalt to reduce both material and labor costs. It also helps the environment.

Founded in 2004, the company was recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as the fastest growing asphalt maintenance equipment manufacturer in the United States as well as one of the countries fastest growing woman owned businesses. Municipalities and private companies in 54 states and provinces across the United States and Canada include Falcon equipment in their road maintenance programs.

Falcon Asphalt Recycler Hot Box.jpgLoading_Hot_Mix_Asphalt_Inside_a_Falcon_Asphalt_Hot_Box_Reclaimer

The versatility of a Falcon asphalt recycler & hot box makes it an affordable, portable asphalt plant:

  • recycle asphalt chunks and asphalt millings (for less than $20.00 per ton)
  • hold hot mix for days
  • heat and reheat cold patch

A Falcon asphalt recycler & hot box provides access to hot mix when the asphalt plant is closed:

  • cold weather months
  • weekends
  • evenings


Asphalt RAP and millings stockpile for Falcon asphalt recycler

(Pile of asphalt being stockpiled for future repairs to be made with recycled asphalt)

A Falcon propane or diesel asphalt reclaimer & hot patcher reduces material costs by:

  • replacing purchased cold mix and hot mix with recycled asphalt chunks and millings
  • eliminating material waste that occurs when asphalt hardens in an unheated truck bed

A Falcon propane or diesel asphalt reclaimer & hot patcher reduces labor costs by:

  • eliminating time wasted traveling to the asphalt plant (and waiting in line)
  • eliminating the need to repair the same pothole several times (common with cold patch)

Having access to hot mix year-round means the end to costly, temporary winter repairs.

(Dumping Recycled asphalt out the back of a Falcon  asphalt recycler & hot patcher to fill a pothole)


Environmental sustainability with a pothole patcher is about preserving the natural environment, community by community.

Falcon contributes to the development of environmentally sustainable communities by building asphalt maintenance equipment that allows street repairs to be performed with recycled asphalt. Using recycled asphalt to repair streets reduces landfill use and disposal costs, conserves aggregate and petroleum resources, and eliminates the need for temporary winter repairs.

The Falcon asphalt reclaimer & hot patcher has a combustion efficiency rating of over 90% – good for our customers and good for the environment:

  • lower carbon and NOX emissions
  • lower fuel usage
  • less sooty waste by-product responsible for dirty cad cell condition


The elimination of waste is at the core of Falcon’s culture. Falcon is committed to:

  • using environmentally friendly materials, designs and manufacturing processes
  • developing and manufacturing products that help our customers reduce, reuse and recycle
  • buying locally whenever possible

Examples of items included in Falcon’s recycling program include scrap steel, cardboard, office paper, wood pallets, used automotive oil, paint thinner, ink-cartridges, and copper wire. Other examples of Falcon’s commitment to eliminate waste include investments in energy efficient lighting and weatherproofing.

Last, but certainly not least, the most wasteful way to do anything is to do it twice. Falcon is committed to world-class quality – this means, doing things right the first time and, therefore, only doing them one time.