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Falcon Asphalt Repair Equipment Overview

Introduction To Falcon Hot Boxes

Why A Hotbox Makes Sense

The Falcon asphalt hot box & recycler is designed to make fixing potholes, repairing utility cuts and patching asphalt easy — very easy.


Better Equipment.
Better Roads.


Check out Falcon’s

New Approach

to Patch Trucks!

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The Falcon asphalt recycler & hot box is designed to make fixing potholes, repairing utility cuts and patch asphalt easy — very easy.

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A red Falcon asphalt hot box

It’s a Hot Box. It’s a Recycler. It’s a Falcon.


Falcon Asphalt Repair Equipment manufactures a portable asphalt hot box & recycler utilized by thousands of municipalities and contractors worldwide.  

When used as a hot box, it keeps asphalt hot all day and holds it overnight. When used as a recycler, it provides year-round access to hot mix asphalt. Falcon manufactures a variety of models.

Choose from a truck or trailer-mounted option to meet the needs of your asphalt patching operation. Save money while increasing productivity with an asphalt recycler hot box from Falcon.

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Asphalt repair +


made easy

A red Falcon trailer-mounded asphalt repair machine

It's Versatile

Recycle leftover asphalt, chunks, and millings. Transport hot mix and keep it hot all day. Hold hot mix overnight. Heat and re-heat cold patch.

It's Cost-Effective

As a hot box, it eliminates asphalt waste from an unheated truck bed. As a recycler, it reclaims waste asphalt, chunks torn up from the pavement, and millings. A Falcon asphalt repair machine uses less than 3 gallons of diesel fuel per 8-hour shift.

It's Simple

VIP Technology automatically prevents burner damage from low battery voltage. To prevent material from cooling, a Falcon hot box is engineered to allow the burner to run while in tow.


Two-year machine warranty* with a lifetime frame warranty. We engineered the patented heat management system to provide even hopper temperatures. This helps prevent material scorching from hot spots and material hardening from cold spots.


Falcon’s patented

heat management system

Prevents asphalt from cooling while being transported. This is due to special engineering that allows the burner to run while in tow.

Delivers even hopper temperatures to eliminate material scorching from hot spots and material hardening from cold spots.

Utilizes a one-piece, seamless, ceramic combustion chamber rated for 2,300F.

Achieves 92% fuel efficiency by incorporating a combustion chamber shape and construction that creates a tumbling action to force a complete blending of fuel, air, and heat (uses less than three gallons of diesel fuel per 8-hour shift).

Minimizes carbon and NOX emissions and eliminates dirty cad cells caused by uncombusted fuel.

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